The Importance Of English Language In Jordana's Speech

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These instances are quite different from the usual intonation pattern in the RP, where the stress is put on the last stressed word according to the typical intonation pattern. Moreover, the difference in the accent could be seen from the pronunciation of the /r/ sound in the middle of the words, where the /r/ becomes lightly more trilled /. This peculiarity is quite obvious in the Jordana’s speech manner, as could be seen in the word frogs /frɒɡz/ (13:35). However, other characters like Lloyd, Oliver’s father, do not produce the trilled /r/ sound at all, so this aspect in the speech might add more to the manner of the teenager’s rather than to the accent of Southern Welsh. Even so, all the characters speak really fast, which leads to the really fast overall tempo and the rhythm of the speech, the…show more content…
The Brits know how to make an exclusively British product, which speaks of the British culture, music, or, most importantly, the language itself. Maybe that is why the film director Ayoade made a film, a comedy-drama, not only about the teenage years but also about the feeling you get while being in ironically rainy weather in Swansea,

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