Language In Shakespeare's The Tempest

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The Tempest is one of the most artistic and romantic of all Shakespeare’s plays and what makes it ascribed to these qualities is the language that he uses. Shakespeare’s language pervades through and through with an ambiance of mystery and romance. It is not only the dramatic emotion but the ‘eccentric, romantic charm’ of the rhetoric that marks out the persona of the play. The uninhabited island, lost in an unknown sea, further gives fuel to our fantasies. The whole play is steeped in the magnificence of language used. Thus, the explicit use of language will be traced in this paper along with intensifying an idea of communication with man, God and nature through the lenses of love.
It will further explore the rhetoric world created by Shakespeare in The Tempest, with special reference to the enchanted island, Prospero’s love for supernatural powers and the romance of Ferdinand and Miranda.

Keywords: Eccentric, Romantic Charm, Negative Capability, Eloquent Language, Prosaic, Interlocking Images, Rhetoric.

The poet John Keats described the work of Shakespeare as having great “negative capability,” signifying that his work has the capability to remain in obscurities, uncertainties, without any inappropriateness. The Tempest, more than any other of Shakespeare’s drama, possesses this eminence, and loans itself to nearly infinite elucidation.
The tempest unbolts with a ‘clap of thunder, rain dropping down from the heaven, mariners toppled into the ocean’. This sight of high
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