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Thailand was once formally known as “Siam” but in this day and age today people know it by the name of “The Kingdom of Thailand”. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy but has flipped flopped between being a parliamentary democracy and a military junta for decades. The Capital of Thailand is Bangkok which is also its most populous city. Thailand is the 21st most populous country in the world. Thailand is bordered to the north by Myanmar as well as Laos, and then to the south there is Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia. To the east you have Laos and Cambodia, and then to the west you have Andaman Sea. The terrain of Thailand has very high mountains in the north but relatively low plains in the Khorat plateau which contains small hills as well as shallow lakes that drain into the Mekong River. The most fertile part of Thailand is near the Chao Phraya River and has the most significant population of Thai settlements and its river drains into the delta south of Bangkok. The southern section of the country is mainly covered by mangroves swamps but the further you go you can find some islands such as Phuket. Thailand…show more content…
They range from being well know to being not well known to near extinct, which is very different to let say Canada. The most common language spoken in Thailand is Siamese Thai which is their official language, the second most popular language would be English since its the worldwide language for business and is more commonly found in tourist dominated areas. On the side of lesser known languages you have the native indigenous languages of Thailand. The native people of Thailand are known as hillside or “chao khao” and you find them in the north, northwest, northeast and southern Thailand. Tai-Kadai,Tibeto-Burman,Mon-Khmer,Hmong-Mien and the Malayo- Polynesian which are the 5 language families of the indigenous Thai’s.Lastly you can find various dialects of chinese throughout

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