Language In The Bald Soprano

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As portrayed in his absurdist play The Bald Soprano, Ionesco is concerned with the inadequacy of language as a tool for communicating. In order to reinforce his argument that language has become stripped of its purpose and meaning, he uses certain characters’ words and actions as reflections of how language is sometimes used in modern day society. Ionesco adopts elements such as incoherent logic to emphasize that language does not seem to follow a certain pattern, antithesis to show the contrasts between what people say and what they do, and disjointed dialogue to portray that the progression of conversations in today’s society has evidently disintegrated. Through his use of the these elements, Ionesco is suggesting that language does not serve a purpose in our understanding of one another. Ionesco’s main concern regarding language is that it acts as a barrier, and that it is not an efficient enough tool for human society to use in order to express itself.

The play opens with Mrs. Smith informing her husband what they have just had for dinner and telling him things that he logically, already knows. “We’ve drunk the soup… and eaten the English salad. The children have drunk English water. We’ve eaten well this evening. That’s because we live in the suburbs of London and because our name is Smith.” (Ionesco, 9) In this passage, Mrs. Smith’s words serve no purpose as she is merely stating the obvious. Perhaps her reason for doing so is that she wants something to talk about,

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