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use of language as a power for women the novel the color purple promote the rights of black women and give the voice to share their sufferings and opperession which they were facing in their homes and in the society. The color purple show the patriarchal and stereotypical influence through the characters. This novel show the dominancy of men over women, difference in the rights of men and women. The characters are the mirrors of the society which show the supperession and and anguish of women. The novel supports the black women and give them the voice to speak for their selves. Celie establish here self as confident a lady with the help of shug by the use of her own voice, her own language. Language was the special factor in women’s lives to…show more content…
It has the feminist point of you all along. It reflects the traces of second wave feminism in solidarity of women,as a sister as a friends and as bound in family relation as celie and Sophia’s relation. The novel reflect the solidarty in sense of black feminism. Second wave feminism also describe the rise of consciousness, awareness, defence. It favours the women to live the way they want to. They are not object to play but they have their own choice and respect to be with. While in the novel, writer has dicussed with black feminism or the issues of black women which are subjected to the racism, sexcism. The black women were in great sufferings rather than the other white women. They were neither secure in their parent’s home not in their husband’s home. They were facing the sexual and physical assault, which kill their voices and their interest to live their lives. Even when celie give the birth to the babies of her father, her father take them away from her. She not only face the pain of being raped by father, giving birth to his baby, but she faced the pain of motherhood, when she want to kiss her baby but her father snatches and pretended to kill them.she also encounter the rape after her marriage, with her husband, who don’t care about her emotion and the pain which she feel. But the arrival of shug, in her life, change her life. She give her the determination, self confidence, and power to talk at every…show more content…
Although, there were only few movements for the rights,freedom and liberty of black people, who were opperessed on the name of race,sexulity and color. Racially, women were sexually abused and opperessed by patriarchical society and stereotypical norms, which is mentioned in the character of celie. And the next element of second wave feminist movement is the language power, the voice of women against the oppression, and to seek the freedom, and all basic rights of living which was being snatched by them from the men and the society. In the novel, celie was very silent at the first, but when she retain her self-confidence with the help of shug, she speaks out for her. Thirdly, seconf wave feminisim enhance the education for women. And in the novel, celie find only one way to exhust her frustration and to console her, is the education, reading and writing. Her sister teaches her to read and write to escape from the mental and physical torture. Lastly,the very gunine point that relates to the second wave feminism is the solidarity amon the women. According to second wave feminist, women has the power to change her desinty when she make her voice strong with by joining her hands with other women, and rasining with them as one voice. As celie never raised her voice,but when shug make her aware of her strength and they both become the one voice, that lead a dramatic

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