Language In The Empty Family

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I thoroughly agree with Raymond Carver’s statement. It is my opinion that Colm Tóibín has the ability to make an inanimate object viable through the use of his vivid, powerful style of writing. Frequently, the main protagonists in the short stories tend to become attached to the past, and to certain objects. Colm Tóibín has the ability to create an atmosphere so chilling and unnerving as he focuses on one aspect of a character’s life as opposed to the character’s life story. Tóibín makes reading the collection indulging and interesting for the readers as the readers don’t experience a feeling of being overpowered from an excess amount of information. Alternately readers become fond of and familiar with each of the characters. As a result, readers become engrossed by the character’s situations and backgrounds which cause the readers to become emotionally attached to the characters in the short stories. Tóibín juxtaposes and perplexes the readers through his use of powerful language in his short stories in ‘The Empty Family’. Tóibín’s use of descriptive language and dialogue throughout ‘The Empty Family’ captures the reader’s attention and creates a desire to continue reading as his…show more content…
‘’Tóibín doesn’t propose a totalising and explanatory view on the nature of Irish sexual past but instead he offers a thorough exploration of its ambiguities and complexities.’’ Carregal Romero, José. "Sexuality and the Culture of Silence in Colm Tóibín 's 'the Pearl Fishers '." (Atlantis 69-83). Tóibin’s provocative language is initiated to shock the readers such as ‘I had fed his sweet, thick pungent lemony sperm into my mouth’ (Tóibín, Colm. P70.) The graphic language used is repulsive despite only being a single line. It is Tóibín’s ability to provoke emotions such as horror and disgust in the readers through the use of his adverse and specific
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