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There are several difficulties that Arabic students are facing while they are learning the English language. Accordingly, these issues hamper their capabilities of enriching their communication skills with English as the primary medium. For instance, the leaners of English as a foreign language (EFL) struggle to enunciate some English words. This is due to the fact that the native language where a person is accustomed to plays a key factor in producing sounds in the English language. To clarify, the phonemic segments in the English language is more diverse, thus, a handful of them do not exists in the Arab language. To put it another way, when a particular sound is not present in the individual’s mother tongue, it would be an arduous
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As a result, the words were mispronounced and lead to miscommunication (Altamimi, 2015). In addition, students that aspire to master the EFL often encounter errors in their noun and verb phrasing, and in arranging the words in a sentence in a logical order. In the same light, mistakes in the subject- verb agreement, verb formation and in the usage of tenses are crucial issues for EFL learners. Accordingly, these concerns were attributed to the strategies that were utilized by EFL instructors to teach their students. Notably, the environment and the atmosphere of an English language institution play a major factor in educating the students in the correct usage of the English language. Under these circumstances, there is a strong need to conduct researches in order to devise strategic plans that will aim to address the issues that were discussed…show more content…
In this way, the students would overcome the struggles and the difficulties that serve as an obstacle for them to fully master the usage of the English language. As we all know, the English language is one of the most widely used worldwide, second to the Mandarin. Consequently, there are a lot of benefits that an individual can attain when he/ she can speak, read, and write in the English language very well. For instance, those that had obtained full mastery of the English language have far more greater opportunities for further studies. They have a high chance of being admitted for undergraduate and graduate programs in universities that are located in an English- speaking country. Furthermore, most researches and peer- reviewed articles in all fields of study are written in English, so it is beneficial for a scholar to communicate well with his/ her colleagues when he/ she knows how to express his/ her ideas in English. Actually, the same is true for most software programs that are being developed at the present time. Moreover, better prospects when it comes to employment are given to individuals who can fully express themselves in the English language. Based from these points, the proponent of the current paper chose to study the game- based approach in learning EFL. Markedly, this particular method is interactive, thus it will further motivate

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