Language In The Great Gatsby

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War was absolutely devastating; emotionally and economically throughout the world. Especially after World War I, is was shocking to people because it was the first time anyone had witnessed something so distorting. In America, it changed everyone 's life styles. People became more materialistic and rebellious. The UXL Encyclopedia of U.S. History talks about that time period by saying “The novel reflects the outward glitter and the inward corruption of the Roaring Twenties , also known as the Jazz Age, a decade of prosperity and excess that began soon after the end of World War I (1914–18) in 1918 and ended with the 1929 stock-market crash”(656). This included women wanting to work and be more equal and men who came back from the war just wanted to forget everything. F. Scott Fitzgerald was an author in the “Twenties” and lived a very typical lifestyle at the time. Through his book, “Great Gatsby”, you really get the taste of the era. The analysis of the book through his language, characters and events, it shows how his life was and how people acted at the time.
For one thing, Fitzgerald’s use of language is incredible and lets the reader have an abundance of their own imagination. He uses his main character, who is also the narrator to show what people really thought about each other at the time. An online article that 's based on Fitzgerald and his duologue stated, “Exemplified here is an appreciation of language as an index to sensibility: it is not simply that
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