Language In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird is written by the novelist Harper lee who discuses for the readers an important social problems as ethnicity in south America that the book shows an unworthy look of white people towards African American people. In the novel , the American judgment had shown their favoritism for the white people in which Maycomb city witnessed a false allegation that a black guy accused of rapping a white lady. The plot and the characters in the novel are originated to Harper lee’s life with her neighbor and her family that the events took place near her home town in 1936 when she was young. The title of the novel to Kill a Mocking Bird is an indication about singing birds which don’t hurt anyone but they make pleasure to people…show more content…
Mayella’s father Bob ewell saw her seducing to the black guy so he hit her madly and turned Tom robinson nobility his life onto death. Bob ewell was the most evil person in the novel that tried to kidnap scout and jem after a hallowen party but boo radely saved them .He was a liar because he forced his daughter to commit a false testimony against tom Robison and he was a racist because he hated nigros that considered them as a second class. Harper lee’s language contains a lot of imagery and sensory language and the dialogue in the novel was written in a slang style to show each character’s identity. There is a difference in language used by the white and the black. Bob ewell used foul and harsh language which showed his poor class. Atticus was using a formal and straightforward language in his speech which his words contained irony and humor.Jem and scout used a slang language because they were children .scout used a colorful words which included a figurative language to describe persons. She said that “Talking to Francis gave me the sensation of settling slowly to the bottom of the ocean” (p. 87) Tom used a colloquial language such as “suh” for “sir” and “chillun” for “ children” but he was not using harsh language as bob ewell used in the
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