Language In Visual Communication

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The importance of images in mass communication has changed over the years. Thus, visual communication became the key interest for linguists over the past years due to the fact that people often use the combination of texts and images to convey a particular meaning and to promote ideology and culture. Language is meaning, for how could we speak of meaning except by language – by speaking of meaning. And since language exists before any individual’s mastery of language, it can be argued that we are all subordinated to language, or constituted, as humans, by language. It means we are human beings only insofar as we have language. Norris (2004) mentioned that the most informative content is reflected through our use of language, but images may carry even more. Language can sometimes be subordinated or even absent. To analyse the meaning, a linguist has to take into consideration the fact that all almost all types of discourse often combine several communicative modes. It is impossible to study one mode independently of others, because modes often work together to convey a particular meaning. Multimodal analysis takes into account the functions and the meaning of the visual images – considers modes of communication beyond spoken and written language such as images and gestures. The majority of research in linguistics tended to concentrate on language while ignoring the visual design. Multimodal discourse analysis uses multiple semiotic resources, detects them separately and
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