Language Influence On English Language

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The influence of the English language on other languages and cultures has contributed to a change in languages’ terminology. There is an increase of Anglicisms and this growth can be seen in different disciplines, but also in everyday language. The introduction of Anglicisms is the result of cultural developments, political procedures and other reasons such as people’s everyday communication. It has to be stressed that language is in a constant state of evolution. New words are arriving into our daily vocabulary at a surprising rate and they transform every single day as a result of sociocultural evolution and anglicisms take part on this evolution. It must be said that it is not the language, but the speakers of a language who influence each other. Thus, this paper comprises four sections and it is structured as follows. The following section reviews the bibliographic sources I have used to write about the different issues that concerns the impact of English in the Italian language. The second section focuses on the influence of English on the Italian language, that is to say, there…show more content…
Although English is studied in schools, Italians do not have great skills in English. In the article “English Education in Italy: Perceptions of Teachers and Professors of English”, Faez examines the impact of the English language on the Italian educational system. He explains the English language teaching in Italian schools and conducts a study with high school teachers. The findings that resulted were that “only 79.3 % of respondents believed that Italian citizens were motivated to learn English” (Faez 38). This conclusion leads to another statement by Pulcini. Pulcini argues that Italians have a poor knowledge of foreign languages and that there is a high percentage of Italians that do not know the basics of English (Pulcini, “Attitudes toward the spread of English in Italy”
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