Write An Essay About The Importance Of English Language In Nigeria

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If you do nothing about your languages, then they are likely to do something about you. Meanwhile, language needs to be studied because of its significant and unique roles in human life. It is an integral part of the culture as the latter forms part of human life. Language us not merely one of the several aspects of culture, it is at very least, the transmission and the acquisition of culture as a whole. Therefore, language is a part and parcel of culture, and it is a prominent tool that is used to preserve, and further promote the culture. This affirms the fact that the number of languages in which one is verses determines the number of cultures he has. Over the years, Scholars like Adeagbo T.T (2012), Ayodele S.O et al (2005)…show more content…
It is relatively differ when it is mother tongue versus foreign language as to second language learners. This linguistic interference has been a hindrance for second language learners in learning and acquiring competence and performance of speaking and writing French. As a result of these and other factors, French phobia has been formed in the frame of mind of the second language learners of the language. For these reasons, number of Nigerians studying French continues to diminish very year and those that are studying at present do take it for no reason except that they could find no other option. That is, many French language students do eventually settle for it when they could not meet up with requirements in other areas of endeavor. Thus, the combination of the above mentioned reasons and factors inform this study to examine the effects of mother tongue on the spoken and written of French language I'm Nigeria and Yoruba language was chosen as a case study for being the only tribe among others. Nigeria as a nation has the number of French neighboring countries to assist the Nigeria as a second language learners particularly Yoruba to be able to grow into a worthy and dignified world

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