Essay On Second Language

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1. Theoretical background Language is one of the core issues people have to master, I can even say that it is at the centre of human life. We, human beings, use it to express what we feel, love or hatred, to achieve our goals and further our careers, to gain artistic satisfaction or simple pleasure, to pray or to blaspheme. Through language we plan our lives and remember our past; we exchange ideas and experiences; we form our social and individual identities. Language is the unique thing about human beings, as Cicero said in 55 BC, ‘The one thing in which we are especially superior to beasts is that we speak to each other.’ Some people, who speak two or more languages, are able to do more about their private or professional life thanks to the languages they master. By knowing another language, or an international one, the possibilities that may appear are greater in number; by this, I may mean getting a job, a chance to get educated, or even getting the ability to take a fuller part in the life of one’s own country or the opportunity to emigrate to another. I can talk about the expansion of one’s literary and cultural horizons, the expression of one’s political opinions or religious beliefs the chance to talk to people on a foreign holiday and so on. A second language affects…show more content…
The revolt was primarily against the stultifying methods of grammatical explanation and translation of texts, which were then popular. In its place, the pioneers of the new language teaching, such as Henry Sweet and Otto Jespersen, drew our attention to the spoken language and the naturalness of language learning, and insisted on the importance of using the second language in the classroom rather than the first (Howatt, 2004). These beliefs are largely common with us today, either explicitly instilled into teachers or just taken for
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