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An Extending Line from the Classroom to the Globalized World in ELT The use and the effect of technology in Second Language Learning influence both the teachers and learners in terms of the language. Moeller and Catalano emphasize that there should be more attention on the new dimension of language learning/teaching through Information-Communication-Technology (the ICT). Therefore, teachers and learners take different roles in such a learning environment. Learners make up their own learning strategies to improve the language at their own pace, and accordingly they create their learning autonomy which is necessarily required from the learners in order to acquire an inclusive learning. On the other hand, a shift from teachers' authority…show more content…
The complexity of language teaching can lead teachers to have a great responsibilities to provide different learning tasks for the classroom. The issues about how to integrate the technology into the classroom atmosphere and relatedly, how teaching ideas can be contextualized for creating a natural language learning environment become a sleight of hand for teachers as they are much into it. Teaching ideas supported by the technology use can improve the language skills. Being exposed to four skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading), students can have an awareness of the need to the fifth skill as well which is intercultural competency. Moreover, the idea can increase an awareness of the need to communicate which is currently the significant goal of learning English. The benefits to be taken for granted as a result of technology are to provide students the real opportunities, to help them learn easily and effectively, to create an enjoyable language learning, to enhance their capacity to be a good learner, lastly to switch teaching into more satisfying and beneficial.
In reality, teachers are supposed to guide their students' self-learning beyond the class. Technology alone probably might not be influential without teachers' guide. Therefore, being creative and communicative with students are the essential features of the teacher as a
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The role of teachers are significant to guide students to use the technology assets effectively and appropriately. Being aware of 21st century skills needed for students, teachers are expected to keep up with the ongoing updates in English Language Teaching (ELT) in terms of the technological developments and to encourage and to motivate students to take the role of self-learning. The more students can be engaged to the classroom instructions via technology, the better they will improve their language learning process. The role students stand for in the classroom keep going beyond the classroom. Students will be an active user of English from a limited environment to the worldwide. It is certain that the use of technology in the ELT will be developed continuously in the future. Students will be more active in their learning processes. Accordingly, their keeping contact with the foreigners will cultivate their communicative ability. The foremost goals of the Communicative Language teaching will be achieved and it is sure the ELT field will ask for more

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