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Language processing
Language processing is the ways humans use words to express their ideas and feelings. And also how such communications are processed and understood. Thus it is how the brain produces and comprehends language. In detail it is the factors influences the process of language. According to the recent theories this process is carried out entirely by and inside the brain.
There two region of brain’s left hemisphere helps to communicate such as, Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area (there are several others). Broca’s area is activated in hearing and signing. Wernicke’s area (there are several others). And Wernicke’s area is involved in the comprehension of both speech and signs.
The five main components of language are phonemes, morphemes,
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After that combine the sounds and pronounce the word. Later he/she will think the meaning of the word.

Top down
Opposite to the bottom up process, top down process will decode meaning by, drawing on the listener 's own prior knowledge and expectations. This emphasizes on when we use knowledge of grammatical, syntactic and lexical rules to make meaning of what we want say. So we know Language processing involves the reconstruction of meaning through prior knowledge. Top-down skills include surveying, skimming, scanning, reading for full comprehension, reading between the lines (inference), and reacting personally to reading texts.
Even though we do not know the meaning of the word in a sentence, we can recognize and relate to something which makes sense with help of adverbs or adjectives in the sentence.
By using their knowledge of context and co-text, they should either be able to guess the meaning of the unknown word, or understand the general idea without getting distracted by it. Example of common top-down listening activities include placing a series of pictures or sequence of events in order, listening to conversations and identifying where they take place, reading information about a topic then listening to find whether or not the same opinions are
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