Language, Reading And Learning: The Four Importance Of Language

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Language is absolutely central to learning: with it, can make sense or communicate or understand a subject.
The role that language plays is enormous. Recognized as the need of nowadays, the four necessities in language commonly known as the four skills: Reading, writing, listening and speaking play a vital role in any language learning quest. The four skills are the highpoints of language which will take people to greater heights. They are separate yet bound together with an inseparable bond. The four skills as explained for example through daily activities, teachers provide learners with opportunities to develop each skill: students listen (to the teacher use the target language, to a song, to one another in a pair activity), speak (pronunciation practice, greetings, dialogue creation or recitation, songs, substitution drills, oral speed reading, role play), read (instructions, written grammar drills, cards for playing games, flashcards) and write (fill-in-the-blank sheets, sentences that describe a feeling, sight or experience, a dialogue script, a journal entry). This approach, however, does not
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People who speak two or more languages are often ideal candidates for jobs in travel, international business, or translation. Many government agencies and employers that offer work with the general public, such as positions in law enforcement or healthcare, often look for multilingual candidates. In another way for example in relationships many people see the ability to communicate and talk with others as one of the major benefits of learning English. Even outside of a professional environment, people often like to be able to talk to individuals from around the world. Many people find great social and cultural benefits in having pen pals from other countries, and the Internet makes such communication faster and

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