Reflection On Language Learning

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Reflection text
Written by: Irina K. Østensvig
From being an English teacher to being a language teacher who teaches English. I do hope I am on my way being a teacher who helps the students using their language in the real world. I have learned a lot of collocation competence in this English course, and how important it is not just learning about the form of a word, but also how important it is to use the words in meaningful context, so we are able to speak to each other in a fluent way. "To succeed in a world where English is used for international communication, it is necessary to be able to use the English language and to have knowledge of how it is used in different context" (Utdanningsdirektoratet, 2013 p.2). It is also important that
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Now I use the English Zone sign. In the beginning, the students were very silent. I told them that I thought this was a little scary too and that I also make mistakes, and it is ok doing mistakes. I am also aware that students need time to practice their communicative skills and train their speech. For example by saying a password when they enter the classroom. I may say:"tell me your address?", or "tell me your telephone-number". They train this phrases in their homework, so they are certain about what to answer. Using learning partners is good when they read their homework to each other. Another communication task is speed-talking. I tried this where the students spelled words from the theme Halloween, and their partners had to tell the word. Recently I have tried collocation tasks too. This is a little bit challenging because they are very new tasks in our school, but also very important to build chunks in our student 's repertoire, so it will be easier to…show more content…
It is more important for me to look for what the Knowledge Promotion says about the competence aims after the fourth but also after the seventh and tenth years to choose which is the best from different books and computer programs. Then I know what they are expected to know at these stages in their learning process. (Utdanningsdirektoratet, 2013). I have discussed with other teachers what is the best learning components/ books to choose in our school. We have speaked about what is expected of students in lower secondary school, for example, and national tests. It seems that the books we use in our school have no good results in national tests later. It felt good to share this knowledge, so it can make a difference. Our headmaster did participate in the discussion, and she promised us she would discuss this later with us when they were going to order new
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