Language Reflection

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The turmoil of language has been a roller coaster ride for the past thirteen years, as well as, at one point in primary school. I was an exceptional writer in high school. I was an average writer but was profoundly awful at comprehension this had me baffled. In addition, I began to reflect on why I detested language so much so I took into consideration about my teachers, were they effective teachers? Can I be the problem? Is it because I do not like to read? Did I listen and paid attention? Or was I just lazy? What is it? After some reasoning, I understood that my experiences with Language varied because of inadequate teachers, a low attention span, and simply my lack of strong effort when writing an essay. Firstly, over the years in high school, I consistently obtained lazy, miserable, and erroneous teachers. They would either give me copies of paper and somehow expected me to figure the work on my own. The only way I can obtain knowledge is if either write it down or by regurgitation. Another example of bad teaching would be to give me decrepit topics that I would’ve learnt previously. In the tenth grade, somehow, I still was being educated on how to write a sentence, singular and plural verbs. How can I be better in a topic such as language when I’m being held back because some students are behind? So, I was at a disadvantage therefore I could not elevate my language skills. Moreover, when it came down to BGCSE’s or examinations my results were dreadful
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