Language Teaching Problems In English Essay

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LANGUAGE TEACHING PROBLEMS IN TURKEY EMRE KÜÇÜK English Language Teaching- Prospective Teacher E-mail: Abstract The purpose of this article is to discuss the language teaching problems in Turkey. It is unfortunately an unavoidable fact that Turkey has a language teaching problem, therefore, it causes a lot of discussion among the academics. All of them expresses their opinions, but they have never reached a conclusion. It has been a common belief that except a few university and private school, a complete language teaching is not possible in Turkey. The solution is seen as going to abroad, spend a lot of money and learn the language. There are lots of people who go abroad and come again without learning the language. However, that’s not the only solution…show more content…
Nowadays, most of the European countries publish films with their original language. They listen to the original recording and they see the subtitle written in their own languages. For example, Bosnian people watch films with their original soundtrack and they see the subtitle of their own language, Bosnian. If you wander around the Bosnia streets, you can find lots of people speaking about something in English. Why don’t we do this? We are one of the most TV watchers in the world. In Turkey, a person watches twenty hours per a week. That means that twenty hour lesson. Lessons are not given only in the schools. We can learn a language with an enjoyable way. Instead of spending our time with ridiculous soup operas we can watch a film and learn a language with doing this. Lessons may be bored, but watching a film can never be bored. These films also contain daily life vocabularies that is not taught in our books. That’s the best way to learn English without going to a course or lesson. If we gain our society this type of habits, our jobs as a teacher will be easier. We will not spend time with teaching vocabularies or other unnecessary things, we will spend time on accuracy and

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