Language: The Importance Of Communication In The Modern World

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Language is a way to communicate our feelings and ideas. Language is an important part of communication. Every country has its rules for communication. Some of the rules are common in all countries but some of the rules are different in every country. Language is powerful as it can create enormous changes in all spheres of life- personal, professional, interpersonal, social and political (Wood & Schweitzer, 2010, p. 130). Communication rules are shared understanding of what communication means and what kinds of communication are appropriate in particular situations (Wood & Schweitzer, 2010, p. 136). For example, we cannot laugh and talk happily at someone's funeral, we cannot talk loudly in a library, etc. There are two types of rules which govern our communication: Regulative rules and Constitutive rules (Wood & Schweitzer, 2010, p. 136). Regulative rules are the rules which regulate interaction by specifying when, how,…show more content…
Online communication has become an integral part of our life. E-mails are so common now- a- days. One regulative way of communicating over e-mail is that our e-mail should sound professional, i.e., our language should be formal. First of all, we should greet a person, then we state our purpose of e- mail. After that, we should thank that person and at the end, we mention our name. We should double- check our e- mail while sending it to a lawyer, instructor, doctor, coworker etc. A constitutive rule in e-mail communication is that we should use appropriate language in a formal e-mail to show respect. We should avoid offensive language in a professional e-mail. But, when we send an e- mail to a friend, sibling, or parents, we add smileys to show our expression whether we are happy, or sad, or angry, or love them and so on. We sometimes use rough language when we send an e-mail to a friend or a sibling, which is considered impolite in a formal

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