Language: The Importance Of Language And Academic Language

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“Language is the armoury of the human mind, and at once contains the trophies of its past and the weapons of its future conquests.” Introduction Languages have always been at the heart of the IB. It is impossible to build an international organization without including them, and one can’t nurture international-mindedness without enabling students to do the same. The language development is fundamental to the instinctive need to communicate and is essential to the evolution of sustained personal development and identity. It is socially constructed and dependent on the number and nature of our social interactions and relationships. It is a major connecting system within, between and among all societies. Developing language as a communicator is critical in language development. Academic language is inseparable from successful learning at school. Beyond that, language is such an issue that no educator can ignore: studies show that a firm grounding in the first language is essential for academic development, and learning additional languages like ‘mother tongue’ and ‘national language’, enhances the student’s communicating capabilities and broadens the worldview. We believe that students, who are cut off from their mother tongue are also…show more content…
A rich development of language and literacy for all learners is crucial for the success of the programme. It is highly essential that language skill (Language A, Language B, Hindi), and specifically, academic English, witness a sound development in order to: ● Understand and make the most effective use of the study material. ● Develop the specialized language and vocabulary relevant to the subjects. ● Interpret assignment questions and select relevant and appropriate material for the

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