Language: The Importance Of Language In Communication

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Culture is the total accumulation of beliefs, customs, values, behaviors, institutions and communication patterns that are shared, learned and passed down through the generation in an identifiable group of people. The establishment of a society 's culture is obtained by members of the community learning from each other and passing down ideas from generation to generation. Culture is the result of creativity, initiative, and humans trying to improve their standard of living and adapt to their environment. As a system, culture is the embodiment of human life; it is influenced by the ideas, behaviors, and the surroundings of the people which make up the community.
One of the most important aspects of a culture is the ability to use language. Language is a system of vocal symbols used for human communication. Language plays an important role in developing, elaborating and transmitting culture because it enables humans to store meanings and experiences to facilitate communication. Without a standardized language, the people in a community would not be able to easily spread messages and ideas from person to person. This is extremely important in a society because it creates a sense of connection among people and allows the society to develop and grow. Often, when people think of important and influential societal communication they immediately think of scholarly and professional language. Often, languages such as abbreviations, pictures, and commonly used words are

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