Language: The Importance Of Language In The English Language

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Language is one of the very important tools that are used by the people to communicate with one person to the others. Language is also used to express the people thoughts, emotions, and to fulfill some purposes as well as to maintain the culture. From that usefulness, it means that language has an important role in human life. Nowadays, in 21 century, the people are not enough only know his/her mother language because now a lot of technologies develop all over the world, study exchange also happen all over the world in which the common language that is used is English. In Indonesia’s education, English become a crucial subject lesson. It proves that English subject still thought in secondary school those are junior high school and senior high…show more content…
The reading material is easy. The teacher chooses the text which is easy to understand for the students, so that the students feel comfort to comprehend the text based on their knowledge. 2. A variety of reading material on a wide range of topics must be available. The teacher chooses extensive reading depends on the largely of enticing students to read. The teacher has to make the students interested in reading a text. That is why the students can encourage their self to effectively reading a book, magazines, newspapers, fiction, non-fiction, texts that inform, texts that entertain, general, specialized, light, and serious. 3. Learners choose what they want to read. The students can choose texts that they expect to understand, to enjoy or to learn from. Correlative to this principle, learners are also free, indeed encouraged, to stop reading anything they find to be too difficult, or that turns out not to be of interesting. 4. Learners read as much as possible. The students may read a book for much time, it can make they can encourage their knowledge. In this case, as teacher you cannot limited the time when the students read…show more content…
A reader is said to successfully comprehend the text if he is able to: First, recognize the words and sentences of the text and know what these words and sentences mean. Second, associate both denotative and connotative meanings from experiences with the printed text. Third, recognize how well these meaning and perception of them fit contextually. Fourth, make a valuable judgment about, and based on, the reading experience. From the Tuner states, it seems to encourage the readers to be active in reading and also the readers have to giving response to what they

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