Lanolin Case Study

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Tip No.2: Lead Lead poisoning can be fatal and it hampers the growth of young children. Though cosmetics have a few amounts of lead in each container, it can still affect our health if prolonged exposure. It can affect the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems causing insomnia, behavioral changes, fatigue, hypertension and a host of several illnesses. If you see lead in any product, discard it immediately. Tip No.3: Coal Tar This ingredient is included in the preparation of hair products and cosmetics. Overexposure to coal tar can result in pigmented cosmetic dermatitis, folliculitis and phototoxicity. It is also linked to cancers in the skin, liver and lungs. Tip No.4: Lanolin Lanolin seems to be familiar to us as it is used in numerous…show more content…
Use a cream that has these ingredients to keep your skin young and fresh. These ingredients are antioxidants that raise the production of collagen and bring back your skin’s elasticity. Tip No.4: Use Gentle Massage Your skin is made of delicate layers of dermis that you must give extra care. When doing your skin routine, avoid scrubbing your face to get rid of the dead skin. it can only irritate and dry your skin, which makes way for wrinkles and inflammation. Massage the face in gentle and circular movement. Tip No.5: Research Your Skin Care Purchases Online business markets their products with unbelievable claims, which are too good to be true. To avoid buying unreliable skin care products, spend more time in research and try to look for each ingredient if they are good for your skin. Try looking for clinical studies before you invest your money. Tip No.6: Look For Anti-Aging Products Sometimes your focus in cleaning your face is to remove acne even if wrinkles now getting visible. Try to look at your face closely using a magnifying glass. You will be shocked to see that your face is inhabited by wrinkles. For prevention of wrinkles, invest in an anti-aging product instead on buying creams for pimples. Tip No.7: Invest In

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