Lansky: A Gangster In The Prohibition

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First Lansky like Schultz had a rough childhood and lived in poverty. At a young age he was looking for fast ways to make money. This search for money regardless of the circumstances separates Lansky and Schultz from others at the time. He had other job opportunities but the criminal lifestyle was more lucrative and Lansky could see this at a young age. When the Prohibition laws were passed the mindset of these gangsters helped them to see the opportunity to make money from prohibition. The laws were not seen as a hindrance for Lansky as he understood people would still be in need of alcohol despite that it was illegal. Another gangster in the Prohibtion Era was Salvatore Lucania, more commonly known as Charlie Luciano or Lucky Luciano. He was born on November 24, 1897 in Sicily, Italy. He received his nickname “Lucky” because he had survived a brutal attack in 1929. “There are many different stories about the attempted…show more content…
Most involved escapes from murderous attacks, like one in 1929 that gave him his scarred chin and drooping right eye. The nickname has also been attributed to gambling luck, or to a simple mispronunciation of his last…show more content…
He would offer protection on the playground to smaller or younger children in exchange for money. If the other child were not able to pay him he would beat them. “Luciano soon had a gang of tough Italian boys following him. He taught his gang the "protection" racket, and they spent their time collecting pennies from local Jewish boys who paid to keep from getting beat up.” It was while he was running this business that he ran into one Jewish boy, Meyer Lansky. Lansky would stand up and fight against Luciano often beating him up. Lansky was tough and fearless which Luciano decided were good qualities to have in what would become a life long
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