Laozi's Influence On Chinese Culture

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This source shows that Laozi had his own way of going about life. Religion was very serious in the ancient civilizations. It shows that this civilization is no different at all. Laozi was trying to change the world in all aspects of life. It deals with a good chunk of the social part of life but it also deals with the political and cultural parts of the Chinese society. This affected the social life of the Chinese a lot. Religion was a big part of your social life no matter where you went in the ancient world. It was the center of your world. In this source Laozi is talking about the social life of people. He talks about how it does not strive and how it does its job without recognition. It is like he is trying to say that we should not stress on being better than we were meant to be. When someone so very religious says that, you feel obliged to do or believe what they say. People would act differently based on their religions. Laozi talks about moderation as a key principle in the Daoist religion. You should not strive to be something you're not meant to be. Referring to water which is a necessity…show more content…
Everything is revolved around religion. Politicians were strict religious people. Priests usually had high political power because of this. Laozi also says to not interfere in order to win an empire basically stating that if you want to become a good empire you should not be doing everything and getting up in people's business. He is trying to say that they should not over extend and become something that they were not meant to be. It seems as if the main idea was to not stress yourself and be content with what you were supposed to be. This religion was only really known by Chinese government officials and strong believers in Laozi until modern China. Each government has a set of principles to live by and the religion of choice usually set the parameters on the government and gave the officials a set of standards to live and govern
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