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'Laps' Sexual Assault and Silence What starts as a regular day turns into the most memorable and shocking moment in this woman's and many women's lives. 'Laps' a short film by Charolette Wells, which follows a young woman throughout her daily routine, exposes sexual assault for what it really is, paralyzing and incomprehensible. It was a morning like any other when she stepped out into the world, now subject to the cruelty and vulnerability of others. She went to the pool to get in her morning laps and then it was off to work or wherever next. As she stepped onto the subway like so many did before and will do after her, she took a solid stance, and opened up her phone to play some games. Not long after a man closed in on her and changed the course of the rest of her life. This is where the real dialogue begins. No, I don't mean when she turned around and said something because she didn't, I meant the dialogue that wasn't said, the discussions we should be having but aren't, and the bystanders that saw but didn't speak. This is the weirdly all too familiar dialogue that consists within sexual assault. The victims who thought they'd say something. The strangers who didn't help. For everyone who never had the discussion, this film is it.…show more content…
Whether it's the uncomfortably close camera shots or the faint whisper of breathing, she says what we all should be saying. Sexual assault of any kind is never right. Whether it's rape or a cat call walking down the street, the ability to make someone uncomfortable and unsafe in their own skin is unacceptable. Furthermore the film brings to light the different types of sexual assault. Taking on the responsibility of educating the viewer in how to notice and avoid sexual assault. Basically if you feel uncomfortable or at risk in any way you have a right to say

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