Laptops Are Distracting Students

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Recently at Lenoir City High School, we have switched to 1 on 1 learning, which means we have switched from pencils and papers to online. Laptops are a distraction to be students because they tend to surf the web while they’re on them. On the other hand, laptops can be very useful to students because they help provide tools for them. Laptops have a negative effect on students because they can distract themselves and their peers. Laptops are distracting to students because the students just happen to end up on their laptops doing something. While the students are suppose to be taking notes on their laptops, they can’t help but check their social media accounts. In the article, “Screen or Scribble?”, Dr. Sana states, “You’re responsible for…show more content…
When the professor is speaking and teaching the class, eventually, the students will start to do something different on their laptops. The students get distracted easily when they are on their laptops. In the article, “Classroom Laptop Use Distracting, Professor Says”, it states, “When you look up and you throw a position out to a student and you call upon the student and have them respond the statement -- I’m sorry, can you please ask that question again. It tends to disrupt the flow.”(Michele Norris) When the professor calls on a student that appears to be distracted by their laptops, they normally respond with, “ I’m sorry, can you please ask that question again.” When the students respond with that it tends to disrupt the class. According to the article,” Screen or Scribble?”, it states, “York University’s Tina Weston and Melody Wiseheart, which found that multitasking on laptops distracts not just the multitasking student, but students around them, too?”(Josh O’kane) Tina Weston and Melody Wiseheart found that multitasking students distract themselves and the students around them. This quote supports that laptops have a negative effect on students because they distract everyone around
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