Laron's 'Pow': A Short Story

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Deandre jefferson Language arts

Pow! Pow! Innocent people lie bleeding on the concrete. Mothers are crying; fathers are yelling. Sirens scream, “Nooooooo!” Laron wished it was all a dream. As Laron left home to go his friend, his mom said, “Be safe, Laron. You know a lot of violence is going to be going on around this time of the season.” Laron ignored his mother thinking she was being overprotective. As laron was picking up his friend Kobi from his house he heard sirens screaming, red and blue lights flashing he thought it wasn 't nothing maybe just something minor so laron and Kobe went to the park to play basketball and he saw a group of big head tough guys so they just went to the playground to talk to some girls.
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