Larry Beinhart's Wag The Dog: American Hero

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Wag the Dog, a movie based on the book “American Hero” by Larry Beinhart, gets its name from the quote: “Why does the dog wag its tail? Because it is smarter than its tail. If it wasn’t smarter the tail would wag the dog.” Before an election the president becomes entangled in a scandal of having an affair with an underage firefly girl, something similar to a girl scout. His advisor, played by Robert De Niro hires a Hollywood producer, played by Dustin Hoffman, to divert the media attention by creating a fake war. Although they keep having troubles with the fake war, including choosing a war hero, played by Woody Harrelson, who they find out is a war prisoner because he is criminally insane and after meeting up with Harrelson, he was
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