Larry Bowman Analysis

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In Lexington, Virginia, Larry Bowman is at the police academy training to become a state trooper and a out of uniform cop. The trainee did not know he would be in for when he first decided to go to the academy. Larry had grown up in the small town of Blacksburg wanting to be a undercover cop or a professional athlete. He was a great football player with awful grades so he couldn’t take the offers to play at Alabama, Georgia or Marshall. But, because of his grades he couldn’t play anywhere so he decided to go to the police academy right after high school. His size made it easy to pass all the physical requirements and he did all right on the tests with the help of studying. When he graduated he became a state trooper. After being a trooper for a few years he was interested in finally going undercover for a few years and he had all the requirements needed and the opportunity was at his fingertips. But the only thing that was holding him back…show more content…
There was cocaine from the deal in a shopping bag in the back seat sitting out. The most interesting situation ever. An undercover cop getting pulled over with drugs in the back seat. When the trooper walked up to the car he realized who it was, his old classmate at from the police academy. They both realized who each other were and started talking. After about about 15 minutes the officer asked Larry why he was so different. Larry told him it was because he was undercover and he had to look like a stereotypical drug dealer. Them the trooper said, “No, I mean you seem less happy and you're much more quiet.” The undercover cop denied and just said he was so busy with work and all. They dismissed each other and went on their way. But on the way home that night Larry Bowman realized what he had done and who he had become as a person. He realized it was in his best interest to immediately retire, go home spend time with his family and
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