Larry Page Case Study

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1. Creativity Larry Page wants his team think outside the bubble and for that purpose he developed the 80/20 rule.
 80% time to the actual job
 20% time of thinking new creative ideas in which employees have passion This 80/20 rule proved to be very beneficial for the company because employees introduced many innovative products, some of them are:
• Gmail
Google Suggests
• Google Books
• Google News
• Google Earth
• Google Maps

2. Empower Others
 Every employee at Google has full freedom and authority to do something of their own interest according to the 80/20 rule of Larry Page,
 This rule empowered employees and gave them the confidence that their contribution is valuable and they have a power to make a change

3. Good
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 Larry Page conducts various sessions in which employees share any knowledgeable topic they read in a past month.
 These sessions are very casual and employees are free either to attend it or not
 According to Larry Page it is a most stress free way to teach employees new things.

8. Strong Technical Skills
 Larry Page had a strong sense of making innovative and technical gadgets. He himself made an Inkjet Printer during his college days.
 He also worked hard in making gadgets of extremely technical nature like self-driving cars, Google glass etc.

9. Good Family and Personal Background
 Parents of Larry Page were very respectable people of their era
 His Father was a PhD scholar and a teacher ,moreover he was the Pioneer in artificial intelligence and computer science and his mother was also a teacher of computer programming
 Moreover his brother did a small internet business and Larry always mentioned him as his inspiration and mentor.
 In addition to this, his wife is also a research scientist which shows that he has a very good family
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In one of his interviews, he said that simplicity is the key to best management. He kept his search engine design very simple, no banner ads, no pop-up Windows, only a plain homepage with Google logo and one search box.

11. Transparency
 According to Larry Page, his employees are his biggest asset who should be trusted with confidentiality
 At every quarter, executive shares all the information with employees about the lunch plans or product roadmaps to tell them about the ongoing projects and future plans of seniors
 In the annual surveys 90% of employees participate and see the results of not only their own group but also of other groups but privacy is protected.
 There is also a 30-minute weekly meeting session, Google co-founders are present in which every employee is free to ask any question.

12. Good Physical Appearance
 Larry Page is man of very decent personality.
 According to his employees he always wears a smile with a calm attitude and is always in a professional dressing.

13. Ambitious and Hardworking and
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