Larry Peterson Case

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As an observer, it has been noted multiple times that prosecutors seek to solve a case by any means necessary. But countless times it has been found that you also will use unreliable or faulty resources without having the proper evidence and right resources in order to make a closing statement. Your desperation to solve a case in a quick and timely matter is just proof that you will take anyone’s word before checking the validity and reliability of the first time informants often times taking note of his desperation and use this in order to seek entry way into a resolution. I stand before you today and acknowledge the weight you have on your shoulders to convict and solve a case. But it is the lengths individuals you all go in order to get…show more content…
We feel as though by putting a name to a crime we then have the knowledge and therefore closure. But tell me this, what good is this when you know within your mind that your resources and tactics to solve the case were driven by despair. Another case in particular is the framing of Larry Peterson. In 1989 there was a murder and sexual assault of a New Jersey woman. It was said by multiple people that Larry Peterson had fresh fingernail scratch marks on his arms and by assumption, was definitely the culprit behind the murder. Peterson reported to the police department without hesitation and denied all accusations against him. Three of Peterson’s co-workers came forward and said that on the time in which the victim 's body was found dead, they were with Peterson. But after multiple interrogations, threats of prosecution and questionable police tactics” ( his co-workers changed their stories and said that he confessed to the murder after a ride home from work. I’m sure you can guess how this went for Mr. Peterson, he later stood trial and was sentenced to life in prison. When DNA testing came into play Peterson, lucky, was offered a re-try to prove his
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