Larry Schweikart's Seven Events

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While writing Seven Events That Made America America Larry Schweikart was possibly trying to inform readers of important events that happened throughout history that have been forgotten or have not gotten the attention that they deserve. When Martin Van Buren had his “nightmare” about the impending statehood bill for Missouri in 1819 was going to be the start to big problems in America. Van Burens main goal was to eliminate the issue of slavery in the south. Martin Van Burens big ideology was that he was from the North but had southern values that gave him an advantage because that made him the only plausible national candidate. Van Buren got an idea of using the newspapers as propaganda instruments to inform citizens of his new party which allowed more people to learn about his party faster. By having this nightmare Van Buren increased the discussions of slavery, which only made tension between the North and South greater. In Van Burens idea to suppress the slave issue he increased the size and power of the federal government and another failure that he made was ensuring more jobs than his opponents to…show more content…
For example, when President Eisenhower had a heart attack it let the government have the ability to decide what foods were good for you and bad for you. Then from the Johnstown flood I learned that the government didn’t help with natural disasters and the citizens of a community and private sectors were the only ones that would help fix a community after natural disasters. Another thing I learned that I didn’t know was that the media gave more coverage to President Obama than President Bush and Clinton combined which could have had a significant effect on the out comes of the presidential elections. Also I learned how the Democratic Party was formed by Martin Van Buren to destroy slavery in the
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