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Larry Stewart, better known as “Kansas City’s Secret Santa,” made his fortune through cable television and long-distance calling. In 2001, USA Today profiled him in a front-page story but they did not reveal his name. That same holiday season, he handed out $25,000 in $100 bills to New Yorkers who were recovering from the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Stewart kept his identity hidden until 2006 when he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Many rumors were starting to spread about him taking his own life because of the illness, which was not true. Later, Stewart did an interview with the Dave Ramsey Radio Show discussing how a tabloid was about to reveal his identity and he wanted to tell his own story before they did. He said he hoped that his story will inspire others to become…show more content…
After the company he worked for went out of business and Stewart ran out of money, he went two days without eating. He went to the Dixie Diner and ordered a big breakfast and then acted as if he had lost his wallet. The owner of the diner, Ted Horn, who was also the waiter and cook came towards Stewart and picked up a $20 bill near the stool where he was sitting. “Son you must’ve dropped this” he said. “It was like a fortune to me,” says Stewart. “I said to myself, ‘thank you, Lord.’” Then he paid for the breakfast he ordered, left a tip, pushed his car to the nearest gas station and left town. Then it dawned on him, nobody dropped the money. But Horn had helped him out in a way that would not embarrass him. “Right then, I made a promise,” I said, “Lord, if you ever put me in a position to help other people, I will do it.” Eventually he moved to Kansas City. Stewart was given a free dinner from the owner, Ted Horn, at the Dixie Dinner. From that day on he began to show impromptu acts of kindness. Another memorable day for Stewart was around Christmas in 1979, when he was
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