Film Analysis: Lars And The Real Girl

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I chose to watch Lars and the Real Girl. In this movie Lars seems to be a very shy and quite person. He does not like to be social almost to the point of not wanting to be around his own brother and sister in law. Lars’s sister in law Karen wants Lars to join them more and break out of his shell. Gus who is Lars’s brother at the beginning acts like the big tough brother who cares what everybody thinks of him. Margo is a woman who works with Lars and seems to be a high spirited and a little shy. Bianca is the doll that Lars pretends is real. I think that at the beginning Karen shows a little abnormal behavior because she seems a little over bearing trying to get Lars to do things he does not want to do. At one point Karen even seems to tackle…show more content…
After everyone has seemed to except Bianca, Lars seems to begin to be more independent and do things without Bianca. At one point Lars goes out with Margo to the bowling alley and Gus’s co-workers show up and he looks to be enjoying himself. He looks like he feels excepted and is laughing. Lars wants to have a relationship with Margo but he learned from his brother that to be a man you take care of your family and you don’t cheat on your women. He made sure to tell Margo after bowling that he would never cheat on Bianca. Lars is slowly working through is delusion and moving further away from Bianca and closer to real people. At the end Lars makes Bianca sick and dying and people show real concern and sadness like they are also losing a person they care for. I think it is alright to make movies like this because it shows how everyone is affected by a mental illness not just the person who is experiencing it. I wish that when someone has a mental illness no matter what it is that the reaction would be what everyone who cared for Lars would be instead of it being a taboo to have a mental

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