Lars Eighner And Frederick Douglass: A Comparative Analysis

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Both Lars Eighner and Frederick Douglass explore the theme of indifference in their novels, the text reveals that how indifference can affect one’s mind and perspective because of what they have been through leading to the loss of interest in life also the fear of being forgotten as memories for the future generation.
Indifference affect how the brain works due the extinguishing desire of accomplishing anything beneficial or the carelessness of something you sought to be precious to you. In the book Night, Elie states that, “Oh God, Master of the Universe, give me the strength never to do what Rabbi Eliahu’s son has done”( Wiesel,91), demonstrating that in the face of adversities despite being blood relatives they care about their own survival more than anything else presenting the effect of indifference where carelessness appear even within your own family. It is like as if Eliahu’s son have forgotten about his memories before the Holocaust, and how valuable his parents are. Indifference occurs when two things you value compete against each other making you choose what you value more because once you choose one of your values then you become indifferent to your other values like when Eliahu’s son chooses his own survival over his father.In the excerpt All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Remarque have a similar concept of indifference as the novel Night, it states, “ We are no longer untroubled--we are indifferent. We might have existed in the past”
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I convey those concepts through analysis of texts and the usage of texts as examples, where you value your own survival over anything when it comes down to it and what your past can do alter your view. In the end, the message I want to spread is that your experiences in life can make you indifferent but there is things that you still care about so therefore you cannot be completely
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