Larsen And Toubro Case Study Solution

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Group Members :
1) Abid Shaikh – 2017HB74005
2) G. Manohar Kumar – 2017HB74008

Problem Statement:
Write and prepare a case let of an Industry or a firm of your choice and analyze any one of the following in detail. The case and analysis of the any one of the following should be based on the facts, figures, actual data, calculation and estimation. You are expected to use different concepts which you have learnt from the course.
a) Collusion Activities
b) Product pricing strategies – Price discrimination, Two-part pricing etc.
c) Market structure and competition level –
d) Production technique and input pricing model
e) Strategies based on Game theory
f) Major characteristic of the product’s demand and measurement of different elasticities
g) Demand forecasting on the basis of historical data
h) Different types of costs and cost structure

Case let title: Cost analysis of building construction by Larsen and Toubro limited company
Industry: Construction industry
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Company operates in more than 30 countries worldwide.
L&T construction arm of has won orders worth several crores every quarter, across various business segments it operates.
The construction and manufacturing business have secured an order’s worth Rs 200 crores from a prestigious government client for the design and construction of the buildings.
Management of Larsen & Toubro is very keen to get the profit through this construction sequence. Hence the management has planned to analyze and estimate the different types of cost and cost structure. The main objective is to control cost of the project to maximize the profit within the designated period with satisfactory quality of work.

Cost structure:
Cost structures for the construction, engineering and manufacturing firms have multiple characteristics. These are highlighted below;

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