Larson Family Analysis

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The Larson Family If you want to learn about a family that has four people in there family and has two dogs we like a lot of action sports you have came to the right place the Larson family. First my dad he is the oldest in the family. Four facts about him he has a sister he has blue eyes he owns a construction company and he likes action sports. Activities he does in his spare time he likes kiteboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and dirtbiking. Memories I have with him is going on trips and being at the cabin. I love him because he takes good care of me and he loves me. He likes super spicy things and he dislikes chocolate and beets four descriptive words about him he is nice, patient, strong, and helpful. Next my mom she is the…show more content…
Levi likes to lick lemons. For facts about me I 'm an older brother I have blue/green eyes I like to do things outside I like to help. Activities I do in my spare time I like to snowboard, wakeboard, lacrosse, kiteboard, skateboard, scooter, dirt bike, and jump on the trampoline. I like all four seasons and I dislike asparagus and beets. Four descriptive words about me I am tall, patient, cool, and nice And finally my sister she is the calf in the family. four facts about her she has blue eyes she loves animals she 's the youngest family member she is in fourth grade. Activities she does in her spare time she likes to wakeboard. Snowboard, play with the dogs, soccer, swim, fish, jump on the trampoline, scooter, and dirt bike. Memories I have with her is going to the cabin and going on trips. I love her because she is my sister. She likes candy and loves her dog and she dislikes sour food and almonds. Four descriptive words about her she is thoughtful, curious, bossy, and loving. As you can see you read about my family we like to go on trips and we go to our cabin most weekends. We like to be outside doing activities and that is the end of my
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