Las Cruces High School Research Paper

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It is absurd that when students, who are eager to get to class on time to learn something new, are forced to be late, simply because other students simply stand unmoving in the hallway transfixed on their phones or talking with their friends. As a result, the regular flow of traffic in the hallways at Las Cruces High School are blocked so badly, it is as if you were witnessing a traffic jam at rush hour. This prompts trying to go the bathroom between classes highly improbable, for it is hard enough to make it to class on time without trying to make a stop at the bathroom. Students have resorted to plowing and shoving through people as their only way to possibly make it to class, and be in their seat before the tardy bell rings. I think that…show more content…
If a teacher feels that a student is blocking a hallway, then he or she may aim, and fire away. As a result, students will be discouraged from stand stationary as it will be necessary for those offending students to bring extra clothes if they persist on being unmindful of other and creating massive traffic jams. Lastly, if all the other parts of my solution fail then we have no choice but to give the offenders a taste of their unacceptable behavior. Students who feel that they are being robbed of their time during passing periods will hold a day in which they will bring their friend and stand motionless at the busiest hallways of Las Cruces High School during passing periods and at the end of the school day. Thus, they will effectively create a barrier to discourage the offenders from getting to class or going back home. My solution may not be popular with some students, but I think it may raise students’ grade point averages who will get to class on time, and thus gain valuable instruction time. Fewer hallway traffic jams will also result in fewer tardies by clearing the hallways for students who believe passing periods if for travelling to other classes, not engaging in long conversations with friends or checking your phone while blocking the hallway. Let’s eliminate hallway traffic jams, as we must focus on our future and not
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