Las Krudas Case Study

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productive interests. These serious subject matters mark the group as a successful form of social critique, through the influential and empowering messages.
Moreover, Las Krudas present the problems surrounding Black lesbians, stating that their exclusion from underground hip-hop events is because of their financial problems and difficult lives. The artist comments on the male-dominated surrounding of the CUHHM, and how lesbian life is secretive, particularly Black lesbians remain isolated. The group reinforces the inequality towards Black lesbians who have to work harder than others to make a living. This highlights the omission of well payed jobs available to Black women, emphasising the inequality and how it has made economic independence difficult to achieve. Las Krudas should be reviewed as successful as a
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Not only helping lesbians at the time, but trying to resolve and change the negative associations towards this minority. This lead to being invited by psychologists working at CENESEX (the National Center for Sex Eduation) to be the co-founders of the first state sponsored lesbian organisation in Havana, called OREMI, during the summer of 2005. Las Krudas link their oppression as Black lesbians to colonial legacies, Las Krudas’ no- heteronormative critique challenges the utopian discourses of both Marxism and feminism. They highlight the fact that they are discriminated because of their race and sexuality, pointing out how society excludes them from ‘laboratory discourses concerning humanity’. The grouped addressed the intersectional oppression towards Black lesbians, primarily in Cuba however this extended further into America. In 2006 the group started travelling around countries such as, San Francisco, California and Austin, Texas,
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