Las Vegas Nevada-Personal Narrative

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The most exciting place I have have been to is to Las Vegas Nevada, my Uncle said to me that we are going to Las Vegas for Bubb’s birthday my Aunt,Uncle cousin Aric and Ashley we went to Las Vegas we had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and we had leave by 6:00. We did not get to Albuquerque by 11:30, we wanted to eat at Golden Corral after we got done eating we went to this town past Albuquerque my Aunt wanted to stay for a little bit to talk with her friends she had not seen in a long time. My Aunts friend wanted us to stay the night but we did not want to we wanted to pull up in Las Vegas at night but we were like in the Middle of Arzina it started to rain really bad so we stop at a holte and after it stop raining we went to go look for somewhere. The next day we left early it took us a long time to get there my Uncle was with the other grownups in the truck, Denace did not know where he was going and they saw they sing that said Phoenix Arizona, I was with my cousin Aric my other cousin Ashley and Bubb Aric knew where he was going when we got to Las Vegas. We got…show more content…
We looked around there was a lot of stuff going on wesaw the big water splashing we and some days me and Nick would just go to the hottel and play the XBOX we stood there for a week the last night we were there we eat at a big place they had a lot of stuff to get and after we got done eating my cousin J.D took me and Nick and Nick’s dad to a big show his is really reich he was the won to plan this trip and he took us to the hotel on the way we saw maybe more than 100 limos cars we left back to Clayton it was a 12 or 13 hour drive home when we got home it was 12:00 am and i just got home and went into my room and fell asleep. The next day I went to A.J house and told him all about and we went swimming after i told
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