Las Vegas Shooting Research Paper

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On October 1st, on a Sunday, at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, through a hotel window 500-600 people were injured and 58 people lost their lives. My paper will be about the heros in the shooting and who they were and what they did to become heros. My paper is also about what makes a hero, and who has been a hero in my life. Some of the heros in the Las Vegas shooting went by the names of Mark Jay, a brother and a hockey coach, Krystal Goddard and Amy MccAslin. I will tell you these heroic stories each in different paragraphs. A hockey coach and his brother went to the Route 91 Festival, and heard the gunshots. Suddenly the hockey coach turned around and said “I’ve been hit!” as he said these words he began to cough up blood. The brother then…show more content…
But while we were walking down the dirt road to our next fishing hole I slipped. I almost fell off a rocky hill but my dad caught me. He was my hero that day, and he always has been. That day he may have saved me from breaking a few of my bones, and maybe even death. I love my dad so much. He is my hero in many ways. On the night of the shooting a couple good friends named, Krystal Goddard and Amy MccAslin saved many people. When the two girls heard the shots they both quickly started grabbing injured people and loading them into the ambulance. After a while of doing this right before their eyes they had seen a man get shot in the rear-end area. Amy said that “There was a lot of blood. But we helped him to safety.” All of these stories have an act of heroism, even mine. To me being a “Hero” means someone who will stand up for others and will do anything to help someone, maybe even sacrifice their life. There are many different definitions of heroism some might even say they don’t have a hero but I believe everyone has a hero and there were many heroes in the Las Vegas shooting Sunday
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