Acne Scar Removal Research Paper

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Laser Acne Scar Removal: Suffer From Acne No More Having pimples is a common problem especially among adolescents. More than 95% of the human population experience this skin problem at a point in their lives. This can be a chronic problem for some and it becomes problematic as there is no known cause for acne. Physicians understand the problems that are brought about by pimples so they prescribe medications that are supposed to help. For the more severe cases, they recommend laser acne scar removal. Cystic acne is a severe type of acne that can disfigure. Patients who suffer from cystic acne do not just suffer physically but also feel the pain emotionally. Self-esteem is often an issue among acne sufferers – and why wouldn’t it be? It is…show more content…
The side effects of diode laser treatment include inflammation and redness. Photodynamic Treatment Photodynamic acne treatment requires the administration of a photosynthesizer. This is then activated to give a lasting result of less visible scars. This kind of treatment can be prescribed by doctors to patients who are suffering from moderate to severe cases of acne. Photodynamic therapy makes use of three mechanisms to fight acne. First, it kills the bacteria that led to the skin infection in the first place. Next, it exfoliates the epidermis in order to unclog the pores and the last mechanism is the shutting down of the problematic sebaceous glands. Severe acne sufferers would do well to undergo this kind of laser acne scar removal. This therapy also works for patients were not successfully treated by Accutane. Accutane treats the sebaceous glands although it is believed to have toxic side effects, hence, photodynamic therapy is a great alternative for it. Acne scars come in different types – • Box car scars are the angular kinds of scars often found on the cheeks and temples. These can either be deep or superficial. They look pretty much like chickenpox…show more content…
They are also known as keloid scars. • Rolling scars are the type that creates wave patterns on the skin. Keep in mind that the longer the acne scars stay on your skin, the more unappealing they would become. As the skin undergoes photo aging, the acne scars will become much worse as they could deepen. While collagen fillers can work, they are just there to plump up the acne scars and make them look less noticeable. If you want a more permanent kind of treatment, ask your doctor about laser therapy. Who Are the Ideal Candidates? Laser skin resurfacing is a procedure for patients that have wrinkles, lines, uneven pigmentation, and superficial scars caused by acne. The perfect candidates are those who have not responded to gentler treatments. They are also the ones who have elastic skin that do not typically scar even after a minor surgery. It is also best to perform the laser therapy on a person who is not currently taking prescription drugs. Medications can pose an unnecessary risk during the treatment so it is best to just postpone the therapy while taking some medications.
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