Last Chance Hospital Case Study

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Last Chance Hospital (LCH) is a community hospital existing in a small and prosperous suburb, with higher demographics in older age groups than other local surrounding areas. LCH has a prior history of being financially sound and being managed independently. However, as the years passed, LCH started to experience shifting demands by the mounting financial burdens. Because the staff was incapable to reach a proper strategic plan, to encompass the organization’s drop in the market, a variation of factors answers the question of why the strategic plan endured instability. These factors include the absence of team collaboration, political bias, and inappropriate contributions. All these deficient components combined contributed to the result of the current standing LCH. As the strategic planner for LCH, Russ Newmarket was accountable for executing a strategic plan to contribute to the steep financial downfall that LCH was currently facing. Through an important team meeting with key physician leaders, board members, and senior executives, Russ was successful in…show more content…
In my opinion, the strategy was unbiased and very unbalanced. The strategic plan revolved around the OR department, yet there is various department around the facility that contribute in comparison with the larger hospitals in the surrounding areas, LCH would not be able to compete with them. This is because the strategy had a focal point of obtaining competent physicians and nursing staff, to increase OR volumes. However, with the future trends of patient-centric care, marketing departments should’ve had the responsibility of selling out the services of the hospital to patients in the surrounding area. Thus, I would have challenged the strategic plan, as it was an ineffective solution to the financial burdens the hospital was facing. I would have asked Russ to present his findings and inspire others into
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