Last Examples Of Insanity In Hamlet

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In the play, Hamlet by Shakespeare, the noble Hamlet claims to be feigning great madness. However, the portrayal of a crazy madman is so intense and so convincing that Hamlet himself begins to actually slip into a great magnitude of insanity at certain moments in the amazing play. Some example of Hamlet actually slipping into madness are when, he kills the wise Polonius when Hamlet finds him spying on him while he is having a conversation with his mother. The second example of him going into insanity is when he performs the great speech about whether to be or not to be. The last example of him falling into a great state of insanity is when he kills himself after he battles Laertes to the death, and ends up drinking the same poison himself…show more content…
The reason he kills himself is because, death is impending on him after Laetes stabs him with a poison tipped sword, and he has nothing else to live for because King Claudius also dies. To further explain, Laertes is the son of Polonius and the brother of Ophelia, which is in love with Hamlet. In the final scene of the book, he stabs Hamlet with a poisoned sword which kills him, to avenge the deaths of his father and sister, for which he blamed Hamlet for. However, Hamlet is only to blame for the death of his father not for Ophelia's death. While dying of the same poisoned sword, he implicates King Claudius. In conclusion, Hamlet is indeed an insane psychopath, who started out playing an antic disposition which later just became worse and worse. The three reasons that prove Hamlet is insane, are first, the killing of Polonius in his mother's bed chambers. Second, is his famous speech about whether to be or not to be. The last thing that proves that Hamlet is not just pretending to be insane is in the final scene when himself and Laetes battle to the death, and when he drinks out of a poisoned gauntlet to speed up his

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