Latchkey Kid Essay

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Growing up in the 90s I was known as a latchkey kid. I can divide my childhood into two categories of first being a latchkey kid and then a participant of the After School Education and Safety program at my elementary school. I was not provided with healthy and nutritious food options as a latchkey kid because my older sisters were often responsible for meals and my nutrition. This usually consisted of microwavable meals or ready to eat snacks. Living in a Mexican household, when meals were cooked for the family they usually contained tons of tortillas, rice, beans, cheese and meat. After I started to stay after school until 6:00 pm daily I was exposed to more healthy and nutritious food options. During the afterschool program we were fed…show more content…
There where many times I was faced with unsafe situations as a latchkey kid but thankfully my sisters and I were never harmed. Once the afterschool program started at school we all enrolled and now had a safe place to be afterschool during the most dangerous hours for youth, 3:00 – 6:00 pm. Safety is one of the most important priorities of an ASES program. For me, the connection with my students that are in my ASES program is very strong. I make it my number one priority to keep safety at the top of everyone’s list; it is my duty to ensure my students are emotionally and physically safe. Since my afterschool program was so impactful in exposing me to healthy and nutritious food options I want to make sure I provided the same thing to my program. I have been influential in developing and implementing a health and wellness policy to ensure nutrition education and physical education is a top program initiative. Growing up as a latchkey kid was hard and I was not provided the right health and wellness care I needed. Afterschool has been a big part in my development and drove me to the man I am today. I want to all my students to get as much as I did or more out of my afterschool
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