Later School Start Time Essay

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The purpose of this proposal is to convince both the school and parents the benefits of a later school start time. First of all students who get more sleep tend to get better grades, have less depression, anxiety and have more focus and concentration. Students who get more sleep also have better health, impulse control, obedience issues, memory and even better attendance. I propose that school start times be pushed back to at least 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning. The main area I will be focusing on is behavior issues and how it effects student learning.
Obedience issues effect students in the classroom as well as the teachers and parents. Teachers who have to deal with students who have obedience issues are taking away from the other students
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The majority of the answers from parents would revolve around work, for example “I work at 8 or 9 so I wouldn’t have time to take so and so to school” or “If they started later there wouldn’t be time for after school activities which keep my child at school until I get home from work .” What I recommend is that a school has a “town hall meeting” where parents can be shown how the later start times can be beneficial to the students and how the district plans to accommodate students with the later start times. I would provide documentation of the studies you are showing to the parents to look over at their own pace. Have a guest speaker such as a psychologist present a power point presentation with the benefits and how they can affect the students at a later date, maybe even have someone from the district come and explain how the school district plans to address the issues at hand. If this was provided to the parent they might be more inclined to accept the later start times in their area. I’m sure there will be the few parents who would find ways to ignore the information they were given or even dispute the claims of the school district but for the most
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