Later Start Time Advantages

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According to a Consumer Affairs article “At least once a week 28 percent of High School students fall asleep in school, either doing homework or arriving late because they slept in too late” (“Survey:Teens”). This evidence proves that a later start time can benefit students. A later start time would help kids to deliver in many areas of the classroom. This trial shows kids with an early start time have trouble staying healthy, working in the classroom, and being around others. School should start later because kids are better able to give attention to their teacher, perform better in academics, and have less health problems. One reason school should start later is kids are better able to give attention to their teacher. For instance, …show more content…

For example, Kristen Amundson executive director of of the National Association of State Boards of Education argues that a later start time would anticipate “cost”. She states that changing bus schedules and adding drivers would be a large financial obstacle for the district and would cost a lot of money. She also asserts her opinion that a later dismissal would affect practices and games that could cause students not to go out(“The Scientific”). However, there are many advantages with a later start time that can’t be argued and would give the answer to helping fix the chronic sleep loss in children with an early start time. The bus schedules would be an easy fix as the district would just plainly need to change the route and the hours of the driver, and would not affect anything and giving the students more time to sleep in(“Eight Major”). A later dismissal would also not affect practices and game times, for example Edina, Minnesota changed their start time and actually saw an increase in participation. Edina made an easy adjustment as they installed lights around the sports stadiums and changed match times so students did not have to leave class early(“Eight Major”). Edina, as well as other school districts, made an easy change with their start time and still found ways to get around the

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