Latin Anti Blackness Research Paper

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Everlena Goddard
Latin Anti-Blackness is a very real and extremely under discussed topic that is affecting millions of Latin people today. This disguised and rarely talked about topic is the practice of discrimination and prejudice against dark skinned, mixed race or non predominantly white Latinxs by other Latinx people. This distressing treatment of Latin(o)(a)s is not only a national issue, it is a global one as well. This issue is ongoing and was and has always been apparent yet unidentified and unaddressed. To rid the Latin community of this ingrained racism we need to call attention to this topic. We need to confirm its existence and its validity. We need to show that all Latin(o)(a)s are just that, regardless of skin color. I expect to hear the denial of Latin
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I expect to hear protestations of racism and disputing over the bite behind the backhanded compliments "She is pretty for a black girl...", "He isn't)____ he is black..". The fact is, this is a real thing and it is made more obvious everyday and just because you claim to mean x,y,z by what you said, it does not change that underneath those words, you imply that a darker skin tone makes them inferior. I am here to reject Latin on Latin racism. I am here to bring to light something that has been ignored for far too long. Latin(o)(a)s should stand as one unified force, unaffected by something as trivial as skin tone. I strive for global acceptance and support of Latinxs with dark skin, Latinxs who are mixed, Latinxs who are not the "ideal" Latin(o)(a), because if something is not done, then there will be continued rejection, shame and exile of Latin people with non-white features. So bring this forward! Lift non-traditional Latin(o)(a)s up. Join a cultural
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